St. Paddy’s Revenge

6 pax met in the mizzle (misty drizzle) for a beat down and fellowship.

Pax: Neo, Chitwood, Scout, Sub Zero, Poacher, and Jeb

Warmup: Burpee mile (12 burpees every ¼ mile, for a mile)

BEAT DOWN & DOWN PAINMENT: (Sand bag coupons)

With a little Irish pub music in the background, Scout serenaded us with the full lyrics to many a ditty.

  • Front squats (x 17)
  • American Hammers (x 17)
  • Dirty Man Maker (Burpee with squat thruster. At the bottom, 3 hand release merkins, at the top 3 squat thrusters) (x10)
  • Push Press (x17)
  • Curls (x17)
  • Burp & Merk (Pyramid to 10 then back down)
  • Forward lunge + wood chop (x17 / leg)
  • Coupon Swings (x17)
  • Bearpees (x10)

 Announcements: Reminder of HWY 705 cleanup this Saturday after the Flagship Q. Also, reminder of Habitat for Humanity house build Mar 25-27 in Carthage. PM Chitwood for additional details.

Prayer: Chitwood led us out in prayer.

Moleskine: I received a call a couple of weeks ago from a man, who once worked for me. He mentioned that he would be in town and would like to go to lunch. During our conversation on the phone and at lunch, he continued to thank me for setting him on the right path to achieve success.

When James worked with me, he was a good leader, had a caring heart, and worked hard. However, he was mediocre compared to his peers in the role that he played. He displayed a high intellect and a tendency toward a very technical, scientific path in physics. While I knew very little about the academic study of physics, I sensed his passion and his clear predisposition toward this discipline. During coaching and mentoring, I had the hard conversation with candor that he should really pursue his clear passion, not his current path. He would no doubt continue to achieve success in his current function, but he would never reach the same potential as he might if he pursued his true passion. This proved a difficult reality for him to accept at the time. He dedicated a lot of effort and time into his role, but he respected my opinion and listened. He modified his goals and set his mind on a new career in physics, as we discussed.

James started a new role in nuclear physics after earning his master’s degree in science and teaching at the United States Military Academy for three years. Based on his previous experience and an aggressive personality, he is really doing well, leading with confidence and expanding his family. He described his personal and professional life with real passion, a sense of accomplishment, and balance. I am truly proud of him and know that he will achieve his potential in his current line of work.

I take several lessons from this experience to share. First, we can only teach, coach, and mentor others if we build credibility, respect, and trust, where we are willing to provide constructive feedback and they are willing to listen, even when the message might be hard. Second, while a mentor might know little about another person’s real passion, it is clear when a person has a passion and we should encourage him or her to seize the day to reach full potential. Third, we never really know the impact that we have on others, often until much later, but every interaction matters.

When you have an opportunity to lead and make a difference, lead with respect, candor, and empathy. Coaching and mentoring does not always mean directing.

The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office.” 
― Dwight Eisenhower

“All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.”

Albert Einstein

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