Burpees ’til Bum arrives

Well…that was the plan, but Bum showed up EARLY!

So new plan.

Pax: Scout, Squirrel, Tomato, Magic, Captain D, Roadhouse, MadBum, and Bowtie.  

Warm up:  

  • Lap around the block
  • Cotton pickers
  • Windmills – Squirrel requested a slower pace
  • Arm circles and flapjack
  • SSH – 43 4 count

The Thang:

We did stuff to make ourselves better.  Dips at the wall, derkins, and dips at the wall.  Mosey to an an abandon building for squats, 10 6 count burpees, and other exercises.  Mosey to what used to be a bank for lunges, 10 6 count burpees, LBCs, Freddy Mercury’s, and the 100.  Mosey to an empty building for 10 6 count burpees, lunges, and shoulder tap planks.  Mosey to what used to be an Italian restaurant for 10 hand release merkins, 13 6 count burpees.  Back to the court for 43 4 count SSH, and stretching.

Announcements/Prayer Requests:

Magic has Q source next week, and prayers for Captain’s family member (Penny).  

Squirrel prayed us out.  

There was a method today.  I always have a love/hate relationship with my birthday.  I love that the day arrives; because it is better than the alternative.  However, I always find myself looking back on what I have (or haven’t done); things I have missed, or things that I wasn’t really present for.  We visited all of those old businesses today as a reminder that just because you were “once something” doesn’t mean that you are only designated to that purpose.  What was in the those old buildings will soon host something new, something that will grow, and hopefully be bigger and better than ever imagined.  So I challenge you, remember the past with fondness, but look to the future as opportunity to be bigger and better.  

Finally – my favorite birthday gifts from all of you start around 11:30 on Saturday in GroupMe.  Go back and look.  


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