Chitwood needs new partners

7 Pax decided to get out of bed this morning and got better.

  • Flying Tomato, Scout, Chitwood, Dos XX, Squirrel, MadBum, and Waldorf (Q)

Warm up:

  • Once around the block
  • 10 4 count windmills IC
  • 10 arm circles and flapjack
  • 10 cotton pickers
  • 10 imperial walkers

The Thang:

  • 2 rounds of the following HIIT – (45 seconds on/15 second rest)
  • Mountain climbers
  • Squats
  • Carolina Dry Dock merkins
  • High knee
  • Shoulder tap plank
  • Burpees
  • Long slow flutter
  • Lunges

Mosey around the block for the following.  

Partner work.  One partners runs up the hill and back, while the other does his set of the following:

  • 300 SSH
  • 200 lunges
  • 100 burpees

We ran out of time for the burpees; but we can get them next time

During this part of the workout, I heard both of Chitwood’s partners (Tomato and Bum) both admit that they were not counting the lunges.  At one point, I overhead, “I haven’t been counting since we started.”

Return to the courts from some stretching. 

Chitwood closed us out in prayer.

Good work by all


  • Virtual 100 Moore Men – Stryker sent out a save the date; Styker, could you please send it again?

Prayer requests

  • Roadhouse – we missed you – get better
  • Squirrel’s daughter messed up her knee  (might be ACL, might be more)

Getting better

As we counted off today, I had the realization that at 43, I was the youngest person there today.  I don’t say that to brag, I say that to remind myself, and all of us of what is possible if we continue to put in the effort.  Everyone gave 100% today, regardless of age, and that is what matters.  We made each other better by participating, communicating, and laughing with and at each other.  I appreciated every PAX there today. 

Scout – you have literally transformed your body in front of our eyes over the last year.  I appreciate your presence, humor, and friendship

Chitwood – thanks for the mumble chatter this morning and movie references.  I appreciate that we can recite lines from Tommy Boy.

Dos – thanks for rucking with Hammer, and then showing up for the workout.  I appreciate that you are the reason I was introduced to this motley crew.  

Tomato – Your never give up attitude is infectious.  I appreciate your giving nature.  You make us all better.  

MadBum – I am sorry we didn’t have jump ropes this morning.  I appreciate that I get to see you when our schedules align, your commitment to being just 3-5 minutes late, and the stories you share.  

Squirrel – I will come get that eggnog later; because I told Kahne about it! 🙂  Thanks for sharing your wisdom, insight, and appreciating my sense of humor (we aren’t running up that f’ing hill are we?).  I appreciate that you continue to push us all, sign up for Q’s, and generally just make us all better by just interacting with you.  


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