Did you mean 11’s?

PAX: Squirrel, Neo, Cold Call, Froyo, Flying Tomato, Colt, Rip, Dos Equis, Hammerhead, Chitwood, McFly, Aruba, Huckleberry

QIC: Huckleberry

weather conditions: 42 and cloudy

The mild conditions in the gloom gave were perfect conditions for a nasty beat down. Admittedly YHC declines participation in this year’s merkin/LBC/American Hammer challenge, but was more than happy to help his brothers get their totals in today.

The thang:

warm up lap lead to the hockey rink, QIC had to sprint to the front and overtake Dos and Rip as to direct the crowd

lap followed by:

20 x ssh in cadence

15 x good mornings

15 x imperial walkers

15 x arm circles

30 x American Hammers 4 count


At this point, Hammerhead says “don’t forget LBC’s” as he wants to be sure to hit his daily goal.

-oh don’t worry Hammer, I’ve got some LBC’s coming.

At this point the Pax were led to the baseline at one end of the rink and were given the mission: 21’s with Merkins on one end and LBC’s at the other.  The question was posed to the Q: “don’t you mean 11’s?” Answer: “nope, let’s get to it!!”

After the PAX trudged through the 21’s they were lead to the wall for a few other activities:

step ups 15 each leg oyo

LBD’s x 15 in cadence

incline Merkins x 10 in cadence

squats x 20 in cadence

step up w/ high knees


Next we moseyed over to find some nice soft coccyx-saving grass for a little Mary.


Again, Hammerhead requests the American Hammer to finish out his daily challenge, so we oblige and knock out:

American Hammer x 20 in cadence

low slow flutter x 15 IC

rosalitas x 15 IC

Dolly x 15 IC

Homer to Marge:

regulare x 10 IC

left leg up x 10 IC

right leg up x 10 IC

and then we finished up with a little Superman.


Great job this morning Men. If we had Waldorf this morning we might have heard his favorite four letter phrase that finishes the flagrant alliteration here.

T claps to Cold Call for coming back for his second helping of beat down this morning. Keep coming back brother, it is a fraternity of great men whose worth is greater than gold.

Thanks for the awesome prayer from Chitwood, as we keep Mrs. Froyo and little Frosty in our prayers for safe travels and also Tomato’s daughter as she continues to confront her demons and turn to the Lord.

As always Men, it was an honor and a pleasure to be with you in the Gloom.


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