A Crowd Pleaser at the Stronghold

14 Pax started February strong at the Stronghold and got better.

Pax: Captain D, Fro Yo, Rip, Uncle Jesse, Aruba, Ostertag, Hammerhead, Sparky, Flying Tomato, Bourne, Squirrel, Waldorf, Chitwood, Vault


Warmup lap followed by COP exercises:

15X windmills, 10 Burpees,  15X GM, 10 Burpees, 15X IW, 10 Burpees, 15X Arm Circles and FJ, 10 Burpees, 15X Cotton Pickers, 10 Burpees

Short walk to the wall for three sets of IC IM, LBDs, Derkins (10,10,8; 8,8,6; 6,6,4)

Mosey to the train station for 6 MOM:

20X Dollies, 20x Rosalitas, 10X H2H, 20X FM, 20X AH, 20X LBCs

mosey to Broad and partner up for 2 rounds of Fox & Hound

mosey to Parthejon for Peoples Chair with Sandhills Creed an Balls to wall

back to start for 20X AH, 20X LBC, 15X AH, 15X LBC, Broga and Superman

Squirrel is the QIC Saturday and les the BOM our in prayer.


YHC has lacked some intensity in workouts over  the past couple of months and I took it out on my brothers this morning.  Apologies to Captain who started his low carb diet this week and was gassed at BW before the Stronghold.  Tclaps to Rip who showed off an impressive top gear in Fox & Hound.

Good work men!





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