PFT – Smoky’s Back


Vault, Tomato, Cpt D, Ostertag, Neo, Mad Bum, Smokey, Bourne, Stryker, Caffe,


couole laps warmup followed by intervals. Half lap full lap double lap with corresponding recovery.

Pushup, lbcs, and American hammers in 37 count to meet the days standards.

5 minutes Mary to close it out.



Great to have smoky back in the gloom.  The brotherhood was in full glory with Vault at full volume and the mad bum/cpt d weight debate dominating the event.  Neo dropped a well placed thundercat reference and Ostertag may be renamed   post-r-tag if he continues his commitment to the gloom this year.  Great morning men. We all got better and closed it out with quality prayer to our lord.


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