Ultimate Game Day

13 Pax posted at the Flagship to help Mad Bum celebrate his birthday and got the New Year off to a fast start

Pax: Beano, Rooster, Curly Q, Mad Bum, Bronco, Neo, Goblin, Timberwolf, Scout, Guinness, FroYo, Captain D, Vault



Warmup lap followed by IC COP exercises: 10X GM, 10X WM, 10X IW, 10X HB, 10X AC and flapjack


Mosey to the football field for Ultimate Frisbee. Timberwolf and Bronco led their team to a 7-4 victory and helped Beano avenge his devastating defeat to Captain D and Josey in Spades a few weeks back.

Moseyed back to start where Bum shared his birthday burpees with the Pax, led us in what YHC thinks was an attempt at Windmills before he was pulled for Bronco from the bullpen for SSH.  We closed with Supermans (and were complimented by a passerby) and FroYo led the socially distanced BoM out in prayer.


It was great to be out in the gloom and hear life-giving mumble chatter again this morning.   Tclaps to Guinness for starting the year off strong and to all the 2.0’s (Rooster, Curly Q, Goblin, Timberwolf, and Bronco) who played great and made their dad’s and the whole PAX proud.


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