Tyson…is that Mike or the chicken company?

PAX: Blair Witch: DosXX, Capt.D, Flying Tomato, Bourne, Quatro

Stronghold: Capt.D, Flying Tomato, Aruba, Froyo, Dockers, Uncle Jesse, Sprocket, Striker, MadBum, Quatro

QIC: Quatro

Conditions: Wet, wet and wet….but it was a balmy 63 degrees!

The Workout: Normal warm up lap (with a half hearted disclaimer). MadBum was ON TIME on revved the Camero plenty to remind us. Warm up exercies of in cadence Good Mornings, Cotton Pickers, Imperial Walkers, Arm Circles, and Merkins.

Next we went over to the old parking lot/driveway by the field for a Tyson 10 Count. When setting up the Tyson 10 count, the field was a mess so the parking lot won as the site for the day. Sprocket immediately expressed his dismay at the Q’s decision to not use the dryer confines of the depot or the stage by the Sunrise.

I have done the Tyson workout several times for Qs over the years, but apparently not enough. During the chatter someone asked why this was called a Tyson, could it be for Mike Tyson or the chicken company? (Guess I just need to Q more and have constant Tysons ready for the PAX).

Round 1 – normal run with 10 IC Side Straddle Hops at each station

Round 2 – walking lunges with 10 squats at each station

Round 3 – bear crawl with 10 merkins at each station

Round 4 – crab walk with 10 Supines at each station

Round 5 – backward run with 5 burpees at each station

Round 6 – normal run with 10 IC American Hammers at each station

Round 7 – walking lunges with 10 squats again

Round 8 – time was running short so we did a suicide using the stations as our out and back spots

After the Tyson we did a brief Mary with some Long Slow Flutter and 6 inch hold.

Moleskin: As always it was a privledge to lead such a great PAX. Huge TClaps to all who posted today. Yes, it rained and it was awful wet the whole time, but we all got better for taking the red pill today. Prayers for Poacher and his family after his father’s recent death. Until next time in the gloom….

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