Pinehurst was a Zoo Today

12 hombres left behind the fartsack today to brighten up the gloom and make some down paynements.

PAX: Vault, Breaker, Josey, Striker, Mad Bum, Mel, Colt, Scout, Chitwood, Neo, Aruba

QIC: FroYo

It must have just been a rumor, the tale that a ZOO was coming to Pinehurst. It must have also been a rumor that animals were on the loose, and they needed collecting. However QIC confirmed that, indeed, 12 men did appear and complete an animal-themed workout. They proved that they, themselves, were more than beasts, they were men.

These men struggled through monkey humpers, zebra butt kickers, gorilla humpers (a little higher up there), Indian duck walking with sandbags, the Wheel of Animal Walk (frog jump, merkins, duck walk, merkins, bear crawl, merkins, crab walk, merkins), and then finished up with a variation of the Bucket Brigade across the future/potential Zoo site. Bagged it on up with duck walks back to the house.

COT with prayers for Colt’s M’s uncle Bernice, whose health is failing, and heads up for 100 Moore Men on Feb 19.

Moleskin: Wherever we find ourselves today men, we are peace bringers amidst chaos, comforters amidst confusion, and hope delivery men “all up in” the emptiness. Who knows, but for a specific purpose, we have been given such a day as today?

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