What the Ruck!!

Pax: cpt d, vault, Josey, Neo, colt, madbum, Aruba, bow tie

30lb ruck worm for duration

Little warm up with side straddle steps, arm circles, merkins , hillbillies and imperial walkers.

Walkabout began, 50 yard lunges at 1/4 pt. 5 burpees at 1/2 pt and wall time at 3/4 pt. Wall included dips, stepups, and sermons in 10’s. Three rotations.

Off to the tennis court for bear crawl burpee suicides then finished in the parking lot with double weitght squats and Mary.

Qic was very proud that madbum almost puked and vault said this sucks and he wasn’t joking. Great work this morning men. We got stronger today. No Payne No Gain!!!


Cpt D

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