9 PAX took the damp, cold, but worth it Daily Red Pill (DRP) to get better in the gloom this morning.

The Pax:  Blair Witch Run:  Waldorf, DosXX, Quatro, Neo, Tomato, Chitwood.  Hammerhead and Wrangler rucked.

The Pax: Stronghold:  Waldorf, Quatro, Tomato, Scout, Squirrel, Poacher, MadBum, Capt D, Lucha (FNG)

Q:  Quatro

The Thang:

Normal warm up lap followed by some exercises (arm circles, cotton pickers, windmills, imperial walkers).  In typical Mad Bum fashion he arrived mid exercise well past time for the warm up lap.  It’s like he does that on purpose….

Then headed over to the tennis courts for an AROD 4, 3, 2, 1.  Inspired by the Dora 1, 2, 3 the AROD is a backwards Dora because you start with the higher numbers first and work down.  After partnering up, the exercise sequence was as follows:

400 Side Straddle Hops (non-exercising partner ran a full three tennis court suicide)

300 Squats (non-exercising partner ran a full three tennis court suicide)

200 Merkins (non-exercising partner crab walked one and a half tennis courts down and back)

100 Burpees (non-exercising partner bear crawled the full three tennis court length and back)

After the AROD we mosied back to the bball court for some abdominal mary exercises (LBD, long slow flutter, 6 inch hold and Superman!).

Moleskin:   I wasn’t sure how the AROD would be received and the PAX didn’t hesitate to voice their displeasure.  Some (maybe many) expletives were heard and the mumble chatter wasn’t kind to the Q’s workout choice.  Nonetheless everyone got after it (even MadBum) and finished strong.  I always like partner workouts because it helps keep me even more accountable.  For me at least, sometimes it’s easy to let the F3 jargon “modify as necessary” hamper my efforts or lead to sub optimal effort when I know I’m only accountable to myself.  But a partner workout requires more.  I hated every burpee and step of bearcrawl I did today, but I knew I couldn’t let up because Poacher (a great partner by the way) was standing on the far baseline giving his all and I couldn’t let him down.  We needed each other to push through and get all those reps done. 

It’s because of each of you we all get up and do this every week and every day.   I challenge all of us to continue to show up and allow the individual and group accountability that F3 supplies to push us all to take the Daily Red Pill and get just a bit better each day.   “Modify as necessary” definitely has its place, but it’s not an excuse to fartsack or not give your all when you do post.  I appreciate each of you (and especially Poacher today) for pushing me far beyond where I’d be alone.

In continuance of that theme, Squirrel shared our F3 accountability by brining an FNG today.  We welcomed Lucha to our F3 Sandhills family.  Lucha has some amazing adventures in his background (including a bicycle trek from California to Peru) which I hope to hear more about as he joins us hopefully again.  Remember this thing is made to give away, so FNGs are encouraged.  Don’t get complacent in giving the emotional headlock to sad clowns you see.

Finally, it going to be easy to get fat and happy this coming week as Christmas nears and relaxed holiday schedules kick in.  Fight those fartsack demons and post!  Till next time in the gloom….

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