Frisbee…. the ultimate political analogy 11/3/18

PAX: Goblin, Aruba, Sprocket, Striker, Breaker, Ragnarok ( FNG) , Scout, Noodles, Guinness, Vault, Dockers, Froyo, Little Warrior, Captain D, Flank steak

QIC: Neo

16 Pax came out for game day.

We started with our customary warm up lap.

We then did some calisthenics:  Side straddle hops, windmills, arm circles, merkins, mountain climbers.

We then tried and tried and tried to manage some Indian runs.  Needless to say, it never got any prettier.  Along the way we managed a round of mucho chesto and some American hammers.

Then the game began : Ultimate Frisbee.  Scoring team did 10 merkins and losers did 5 burpees.

On the mosey back to the courts, Goblin made the astute assessment that red seems to always beat the blue.  Dockers was quick to point out that was just the way of things in the country lately.  I guess we will find out on Tuesday.  Don’t forget to vote.

We finished with some Superman.

We were blessed to have an FNG brought to us by Striker, who takes an early lead for MoFNGvember.  Great to have Ragnarok out with us.

Dockers led us out in prayer.


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