Tomato lives!!! Tomato lives!!! We think

Pax: cpt d, Dockers, Squirel, Breaker, Mel, Aruba, Froyo, Mad Bum, Dos Equis, Quattro, Neo

thamg:  blocks retrieved and put to use early and often. Block carry around the field following a brief warmup in the mulch. Intermittent excercise added during to forced march to include block swings, presses, one hand merkins, and burpees,  indian March was applied and the block was rotated from right shoulder to left shoulder periodically.

Time on the wall included little baby dips and more swings and presses. And merkins.

Then headed to the parking lot for more of the same with some horn runs to break it up. Finished with lbc long slow flutter and Freddy mercuries.

Moleskin:  great turnout for paynehurst this week. Next time we kill off tomato hopefully he will show up for the workout. Bum was the favorite robbing target of the morning and Mel’s return was celebrated with a quality beatdown. Nice work men.

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