I’m a man! I’m 40!!

As I woke up this morning, I couldn’t help but remember the “I’m a man, I’m 40” tirade from the Oklahoma State Football coach back in 2007.  However, I now wear 40 proudly and used the number to guide my Birthday Q this morning.

QIC:  Quatro

PAX:  Kaffe, Aruba, McFly, MadBum, Rooney, Sprocket, Mel, Guiness, Flying Tomato, Breaker, DosXX, Scout, CaptainD, FroYo, Uncle Jesse, Ostertag, Sparky, Wrangler, Vault, Quatro.

Conditions:  Perfect AO conditions, low 50s giving us that feel of cool air finally, but not yet so cool that the jackets, gloves and hats are coming out yet (except for Vault and Flying Tomato who winter gear up once the temp gets below 60).

The Thang:

I actually gave the DISCLAIMER.

Normal warm up lap followed by 40 IC Side Straddle Hops, 40 IC four count American Hammers, and 40 LBCs.

Next moseyed over to the tennis courts for a modified 4 corners.  At each corner of the court we did 10 surfer/no touch merkins, 10 supines/WWII sit ups, 10 four count American Hammers, and 10 Burpees.  40 total of each exercise with the full round.

Next we headed to the parthajohn wall for some people’s chair.  While we sat, one PAX member ran to the far tennis court fence, did 3 burpees, and ran back.  After 4 PAX wend out and back, the wall sit was over.  Tomato, Sparky, MadBum and Vault got the honors here.

Next we went back over to the courts for a Bearway to Heaven.  Always limited mumble chatter during a Bearway, but all PAX worked hard to the end, except for McFly who finished Bearways so fast he probably took a nap at this point.

After the Bearway, we headed back to the basketball court for some Mary:  20 IC long slow flutter, 20 IC Rosalitas, 20 IC Dollys, a Quatro Chesto (normal mucho, less the diamond merkins…soon to be a PAX favorite moving forward I”m sure!) 40 seconds of 6 inch hold and then a Superman to finish it off.

Circle of trust was finished by a Captain D prayer.

Also sprinkled throughout the Q, I gave the PAX some pop quizzes.  Now that F3 Sandhills is over 4 years old, we sometimes forget our roots, so I quizzed the PAX on the three Fs (Fitness, Fellowship, Faith), the F3 Mission Statement:  To plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership. and the 5 Core Principles of F3:  Free of charge, Open to all men, Outdoors in rain or shine and heat or cold, Led by men who participate in a rotating fashion with no professional training/ End each workout with a circle of trust.  I graded on a slight curve and the PAX got these right without the need for penalty Burpees.

As each year gets celebrated, I am grateful for my F3 Brothers.  This community of men who all support each other is a blessing to me.  Thanks to each of you!  Till next time in the gloom…

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