You’re not in Aruba anymore

QIC:  Aruba

Pax:  Vault, Poacher, Ostertag, Chitwood, and Aruba

Thang:  After our mosey around the block we circled up for 10x each:  good mornings, cotton pickers, arm cicles, side straddle hops and copperhead squats (think that’s what Vault called it).

We lined up by the wall for 3 sets OYO  10x: step ups each leg, incline merkin, derkins, and LBDs.  Then a slow jog to tennis courts led us to the following:

30 – 4ct American Hammers, suicide run and repeat 2 more times.

30  merkins, lunge the court and run back and repeat 2 more times

30 LBCs, run around court and repeat 2 more times.

Onward we traveled to the playground for fun with pull-ups (well only fun for Poacher) and copperhead squats.  Then to the wall for wall sits with Sandhills Creed.

We finished up at the starting point with Dolly’s, Rosalitas, long slow flutters, and LBCs

Thanks to McFly showing up to lead us out in prayer.

Moleskin:   Thanks for all the encouraging words these last 5 weeks as I try to get back into shape.  You can describe this to friends outside F3 as best as you can but until you experience the brotherhood, you won’t fully understand.



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