Turkey Day Beatdown

When: 22 Nov 2018

QIC: Dos Equis

PAX : Flying Tomato, Neo, Mad Bum, Chitwood, Josie, Breaker, Scout, Johnny Utah and FNG Lamont

Thang: On this the 397th anniversary of our nation’s first Thanksgiving (1621), we proceeded to burn some calories, in anticipation of today’s mass consumption. All exercises were tied to Thanksgiving Day trivia – which made them all the more exciting!

Brief warmup mosey to the “other” b-ball court – circled up for 10xGM, 30xSSH, 20xWW II sit-ups, 20x Mountain Climbers. Over to short wall where all PAX were forewarned to pay attention to any Turkey Day facts thrown at them during workout. In recognition of our first recorded day of thanks (Jamestown settlers in 1610) we proceeded with two series of 16 Jamestown Jump-Ups and 10 Lost Colony (NC) LBDs.

Moseyed to football field for: partner series 16/20 Mayflower Merkins with interspersed Pilgrim Plank Jacks / Alt Shoulder Taps.

16/21 Squanto Squats with Turkey Walks.

Wompanoag Wooly Worms with Commonwealth (or Colonial) Crunches.

Continental Cotton Pickers with Crab Walks.

Circled up at the center of the field for George Washington’s 1789 Wasboard Ab series – Washington established Thanksgiving as an annual National holiday in 1789. Mad Bum tolerated the 17 Long Slow Flutters but quit at approximately number 5 of the 89 George to Marthas (Homer to Marge) – his wife said this happens all the time. We determined that yes, the alphabet is required knowledge for med school, as Neo flawlessly reeled off the alphabet as we did ABCs on our 6’s

Left the field with Lincoln Lunges to honor Lincoln’s re-recognition of the Thanksgiving Holiday in the midst of the Civil War, 1863. Lincoln, a devout, religious man, stressed the deeper meaning of the Holiday, at a time our nation sorely needed healing.

Moseyed back to the main b-ball court for quick Dying Cockroach series and Butterball Burpees.

Pulled out some valuable merchandise and prizes (pumpkin pies and gingerbread turkeys) for post/workout trivia quiz. And everyone was a winner! Much fun was had by all.

Pax re-welcomed Johnny Utah (Sal), who stated that he hasn’t been back since FroYo apparently “tried to kill him” last time he was out. And welcomed FNG Lamont of Sanford and Sons fame …

Have a safe and fun Thanksgiving with your families.


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