Return of the Spoke

14 Pax took the red pill on a cold and rainy morning at the Flagship and got better.

PAX: Fragile, Sparky, Voice Box, Flying Tomato, Josey, Mad Bum, Neo, Scout, Magic, Breaker, Bow Tie, Striker, Little Warrior, Vault


Lots to do with little time so we skipped the warm up and moseyed up to the football field with the shovel flag for The Spoke.

The Spoke – Pax divides into four groups.  10 burpees in the middle, go to corner of the field with group and complete exercise, 10 burpees in the middle, next corner, repeato until 50 total burpees completed and all four corner exercises completed.

Round 1 – Chest: 10X Merkins, Shoulder Taps, Wide Arm Merkins, Carolina Dry Docs Round 2 – Legs: 20X Squats, Lunges, Sumo Squats, Reverse Lunges                          Round 3 – Abs: 30X Dollies, Freddie Mercuries, Rosalitas, LBCs                                    Round 4 – Core: 40 Second Regular Plank, Left Arm High, Right Arm High, Elbow

After completing the 4 rounds of exercises and 200 Burpees, the weary Pax moseyed back to start for Brostertag and Count-o-rama.

Magic led the BOM out in prayer.


The Pax were given the option to ruck or not to ruck…A Pax member carrying a 30lb rucksack would only be responsible for half the burpees and prescribed exercises.  The only Rucker in the group today was Mad Bum…Tclaps to Bum for being a Bad Mother Rucker.

Verse of the Day

No discipline seems pleasant at the time but painful.  Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.                Hebrews 12:11

As Captain D says, “Hard things are Hard.”  Through refinement in the gloom and in the world, YHC has learned that nothing worthwhile is easy.  Doing 200 burpees in the rain early on Saturday morning sounds terrible to the sad clown and sure felt bad in the moment.  The harvest of righteousness (Right and Wise living) and peace that came from this morning though are the shared suffering, laughs (Mad Bum’s clean orange pants at the end of the workout) and confidence that Pax members get from completing a difficult workout together.

We are not promised that things will be easy in life.  The truth is we shouldn’t want them to be easy because easy doesn’t make us safe or better.  Easy makes us complacent and lazy.

The discipline of posting for the workout first gets our bodies stronger, and then (and more importantly) the brotherhood fuels our soul and sharpens us into the men God has designed us to be.  The men God calls to be are leaders in the community who do the hard things that make a meaningful impact for his kingdom and others.

Good work this morning brothers.



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