Curse you Christmas Cookies

6 PAX showed up for the 4:40 trail run, and then we added 7 for the post Christmas beatdown.

PAX – Huckleberry, Neo, Wranger, MabBum, Rip, Bowtie, Fragile, Josey, Aruba, Scout, FroYo, and Ostertag

QIC: Waldorf

The Warm Up – lap around the block, 15 IC cotton pickers, 25 4 count SSH, 10 arm circles, and 10 arm circles flapjack.  (the start of the warm up lap included a “shady” headlamp/drug deal swap between Wrangler and Josey).  

The Thang – partner up and modified DORA

  • 75 burpees
  • 100 squats
  • 200 4 count SSH

Head over the wall for some wallsits – good counting Bowtie, and yes Scout, he did have to take his shoes for once he ran out of fingers. 

To the park for the soft ground for 25 4 count LBC, and 25 4 count American Hammers.

Finally, to the hill; 10 squats, down the hill for 20 OYO merkins, and back up the hill for 20 OYO merkins.  Back to the park for close out.  

Neo prayed us out, and mentioned Wrangler and Josey’s families who continue to need our thoughts and prayers.  

Great work by all.  

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