Pain drops Keep Falling on My Head

It’s been almost 3 months since GrowRuck Pinehurst in the great region of F3 Sandhills and again YHC has another conference in front of the well lit PINEHURST shrub. Flying Tomato and YHC struck off for an early Blair Witch and realized that Quattro took off at the new 0445 time. Still that stud ran. The weather forecast called for external sweat to fall from the sky, but 8 studs posted at Stronghold.

Warmup – We rallied at the basketball courts for a disclaimer and for some SSH. We then got the heart rolling by taking a 75% mosey to the opposite corner through a huge puddle that was henceforth avoided. Then it was Imperial Walkers, Hill Billies, and Frankensteins. Then a 75% mosey to the other corner. Then Merkins, then Low, Slo, Sumos…you get the idea. We were able to warm up the heart with the mosey while dynamically stretching. (Thanks to Stop, Drop, & Roll from Churham for that idea yesterday).

That was followed by Wimpie Legs > Jump Squats; Jump Lunges; Donkey Kicks x3.

The Thang – Capt D is out of town today, but before he left he suggested we take a mosey to the grassy incline by Sunrise Theatre, so we did. Once there he suggested we reminisced to the GrowRuck favorite exercise – the Reverse Crabwalk up the incline, however, Capt D, that was not an incline, it was grass. We lunge walk back and repeated with Bear Crawls, Inchworms, Crawl Bear, etc. Make sure you share with Capt D how much you appreciate him sharing this idea. The Mumble Chatter was strong here.

Froyo them led us to the tennis courts for a little four corners with Merkins, Wirkins, Derkins, and Ranger Merkins. As solid studs, we lunge walked between corners. We did one round x15 and the next x10. Again the mumble chatter was strong and the willies were wet. That court holds a lot of water. Quattro, our local elected official led us back to the flag.

We completed a round of Sevens (squats, lunges) rather than merkins because of the 2nd round around the tennis courts. We finished with a Churham Ring of Fire. It’s a plank hold with a 5 or 10 count for each man, one high plank the next low plank. For time we did a 5 count. The appointed hour came just in time.

Moleskin – The focus of today was Getting Right, the first Quadrant of the G3L. Sometimes a good smack down helps to keep it real for a leader. Today was also about getting to know the pax a little more. What makes them click, what motivates them, and what fears keep them awake at night. That is how trust is formed. Today was also about KISS. Keeping it simple so the fellowship could flow. YHC can promise you that simple does not equal easy.

Every time YHC has the honor of posting or Qing Down Range, some life lesson is learned. It’s amazing how total strangers who simply wear a F3 logo center chest can be so similar, so linked by a higher purpose, so giving to another brother.

The most proud moment came watching Sky Hook finish up. This Sophomore did the hardest thing and got up. He made us all proud working out in the rain as a HIM.

We had a good conversation at dinner where Josey asked, “How do you know if you are content or accelerating as a Region?” It was a thoughtful and pointed question. We came to the conclusion that by asking the question, the answer was known. So the conversation turned to, where to expand to next, how to reinvigorate the Carthage workout on another day. Maybe the question is to take a great workout on Thursday and do the best and hardest thing a region does – Addition by Division. ABD is how a region knows it’s growing and accelerating. It’s scary, but so is anything that is worth while. Read about ABD in Freed to Lead if you haven’t yet.


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