You Won’t Melt

Pax: Scout, Aruba, Captain D, Madbum

Q: Neo

Only 5 Pax came out to the gloom this morning.  A slight rain persisted through the workout.  

Warm up included : Windmills, cotton pickers, good mornings, arm circles, merkins, and side straddle hops

We then took shelter in the gazebo to complete the rest of the workout.

The remainder of the work out was a rotation of 3 exercises for 3 set.  Exercises were swapped every minute. 

First exercises: 1)burpees, 2) shoulder taps, 3) squats

Second set: 1) side straddle hops, 2) elbow plank, 3) imperial walkers

Third set: 1) WW2 situps, 2) Freddie Mercury’s, 3) wide arm merkins

Scout led us out in prayer.


Tomorrow’s Q source is about preparedness.

It is about getting right and living right.  Nothing starts a day better than challenging yourself with your brothers in the gloom.  

It is about leading right.  It was my honor to lead my brothers this morning.  I am better and stronger because of you.

It is about leaving right.  It is about the leader exerting a disruptive leadership to prepare others.  Some obstacles are easier to overcome.   Today, we had a steady rain but we adapted and took shelter for the bulk of the exercises.  No one melted. 

Other obstacle are harder to overcome.  It was rather warm despite the rain.  Madbum showed his disruptive leadership skills by taking off  his sweatshirt.  Now  I have to admit, that was tough.

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