Let the Snow Globe Settle (Outpost)

Nine Pax, took the Daily Red Pill (DRP) this morning and got better.

The Pax: Chitwood, Poacher, Josey, Napalm, T-bone, Aruba, McQueen and Guinness (Q: Squirrel)

The Scene:  Mmmmmoist and warm.  MadBum may be thinking I’m talking about freshly baked cookies.  Waldorf may be thinking…nevermind, I don’t wanna know what Waldorf is thinking.

WarmUp:  Trunk twists, Arm circles and Abe Vigoda’s

The Thang: Deck of Doom, the Deckster, Deck-O-Rama

The Q fanned out the cards and went around to one of the pax and asked them to pick a card, any card.  Q reads the exercise, if needed performed an extraordinary example then all pax did the exercise.

The pax, once again didn’t make it through the deck.  The exercises chosen were as follows:

  • 17 – LBCs In Cadence (IC)
  • 25 – SSH
  • 12 – Hand clap Merkins
  • 100M – Lunge walk.  Apparently that’s a lot shorter than we actually did
  • 100 – Flutter Kicks IC
  • 25 – Mountain Climbers IC
  • 12 – High slow flutter kicks IC
  • 17 – Monkey Humpers IC
  • 13 – Knerkins 
  • 12 – Bulgarian Split squats IC
  • 25 – Merkins IC
  • 18 – Backward lunges
  • 100M – Bear crawl….at least they weren’t Bearpee’s Chitwood….YOU’RE WELCOME
  • 19 – Slow squats IC
  • 18 – Squat thrusts
  • 25 – Freddy Mercury’s IC
  • 25 – Monkey Humpers (Poacher said he felt violated at this point).  Funny, I thought someone would say that after doing Freddy Mercury’s
  • 15 – Hand release merkins (Out-In-Up-Down)
  • 14 – Alternating Side Squats IC
  • 18 – Merkins IC
  • 60 sec – low plank
  • 16 – Wide arm merkins IC
  • 20 – Incline merkins
  • 17 – Derkins
  • 19 – Ranger merkins
  • 25 – American Hammers IC

T-Bone finished it off with 25 Dips with a special twist to make them hurt even more.

Announcements/Prayer requests:

  1. Prayers for Napalm’s mom who has Covid.  Like a good son he’s sent her lots of things to help her heal.
  2. Guiness’ father who arrives Friday for a visit.
  3. Deborah, as we continue to lift her up in prayer regarding her breast cancer, it’s spread and her faith
  4. Aruba’s sister who’s getting married!!
  5. Josey as the family is down one vehicle after his 2.0 hit a deer.  (yes, he’s ok….the vehicle not so much)

Squirrel led us out in prayer 



MOLESKINE:  The chaos becomes calm. 

Yeah….well F-off.  Maybe I’m not feeling all Zen right now, maybe I’m not that good, maybe I wanna be mad as hell, maybe… well, read the rest….

A few of you know about my M & my upcoming journey into nature and across the USA. 

A few less know I’ve planned out the whole trip in four hour driving increments.  Drive four hours, stop, set up camp, stay for a few days to hike, etc. then pack up – drive four hours to the next place.  Maaaybe I was a bit too, shall we say, meticulous about the plan. 

We prepared for the trip. Making “improvements” to our home on wheels, buying a truck that would tow it, making a roadmap, figuring out hikes, chow, etc.  We were also in an all-out sprint to get things around our home ready so we wouldn’t be thinking of them while we were gone.  Add in jamming some last minute projects, like built-in’s, home made presents for kids, a knitted blanket, etc.  It started to feel as if someone mashed on the accelerator & we were going….fast!

It was during thing all-out sprint time that I was headed to the hidden lair of man-ness (aka Hammerheads) when I was T-Boned in my brand-new f*cking truck!  No not OUR T-Bone, but a car hit the side of the truck.  I just passed 1,000 miles on the odometer!

I saw the car coming, swerved but he kept coming.

YHC got out, went to his window and made sure he was safe (he was).  Then while calling the police to respond I jump into traffic cop waving the cars around the accident scene.  Once Southern Pines finest arrive and do their job I asked the fella if I could drive him to the Women’s Open.  “I’m happy to throw your grill in the back of the truck and take you.”  He thanks me but says he’s headed home. 


Now, the M and I were busy before this and now I did my best Flash cartoon impression to see if I could speed things up even more and get everything done PLUS get the truck fixed before we left.  I’ll save you some time here – no body shops  could get us in until September and the truck will be in the shop for about a month when they do.

F—-U—–D—-G—-E !!!!  Pretty sure that’s what I said.

My M did what she does so well.  In the chaos I thought I was in she took my hands – looked me in the eyes and told me, “let the snow globe settle.” 

Another sage put it this way,

“Muddy water, let stand, becomes clear.”

~Lao Tzu


Yep.  She was right.  So, we checked to ensure the truck was safe to drive and then I put Gorilla tape on the holes in the side doors to prevent anyone from getting cut up and then I let the snow settle.  I realized, these things will be here when we get back.  


The next time you’re stressed out, muscles tense, the hamster wheel is spinning … just stop. 

You can do this. 

Stop thinking you can multitask. Stop planning. You’re in the future. Even while reading this you’re probably lost in thought about a future event.

Maybe you are depressed or sad.  Stop ruminating on it. You’re in the past. 

Give yourself permission to be here. In this moment. 

Stop doing. 

Let the snow globe settle.

With all of your motion, it’s a blizzard out there. It’s a blizzard in your mind. 

Stop. Inhale normally. Then exhale, just a little bit longer than the inhale.

Stop doing. 

The snow continues to settle. What once was white out conditions is now becoming clear(er).

The chaos becomes calm. 

The next time you’re stressed out, muscles tense, the hamster wheel of worry is spinning …. just stop. 

Let the snow globe settle.





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