Leave Right….

10 Pax, took the DRP this morning, answered the call and got better because of it.

QIC: Squirrel & CPT D

The Pax: (Runners) Kaffee, Fragile, Flying Tomato, Coobs, Samsonite and Chum (Ruckers) Chitwood and Zamboni

Runners Warm Up: 1 mile at a Box Trot

The Thang:

100m sprint, rest 30 seconds…..walk the curve

200m sprint, rest 30 seconds

400m (1 lap) at 5k pace

600m (1.5 laps) at 10k pace

400m (1 lap) at 5k pace

200m sprint, rest 30 seconds

100m sprint, rest 30 seconds

Cool Down:

1 mile around the track, followed by Bruce Lee…25 each:

The ruckers and runners met back up and performed a little Bruce Lee, consisting of 25 each WWII, LBCs, Freddy Mercury and Long Slow Flutter

MOLESKINE:  Leave Right

For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.—Mark 10:45

For those of you who haven’t been listening to the F3 Nation’s 43 Feet podcast – – – I’m suggesting it.  Between that and my daily devotional God is whispering. The below is perfectly timed, and not mine. I couldn’t have captured what Leaving Right looks like better than what Jesus said and how Vince Miller captured it.  The below is Vince’s 10 October devotional. I took it as, if we Let Our Life Speak in this life our legacy is not our words but our deeds and in those we impacted.  


A “Ransom” is a payment made for the release of a captive. This, of course, infers that someone is in captivity. And that someone is you, me, and every living person.

But what is especially interesting is the timing of the following declaration by Jesus.  It follows a request by James and John to “sit on the right and the left hand of Jesus in the coming kingdom.” These two men blinded by selfish ambition completely missed the selfless ambition of Christ—“to serve, and to give his life.”  Christ’s mission was not a crown but a cross.  It was a path of sacrifice, humility, pain, and suffering not for selfish ambition (“to be served”), but one of selfless ambition (“to serve and to give his life”). So, while these two men postured and positioned out of personal ambition, their jockeying blinded them from seeing both their depravity and the ultimate mission; the mission of ransoming blinded men.


I pray, as men of F3, as men of faith that we choose to live third daily.  As we plan, grow and serve others to invigorate male community leadership let us keep our Savior at the center.  Today let us set aside our ambition, live focused on Him and what He wants us to accomplish, not what we want.


Devotional link:  https://beresolute.org/ransomed/?inf_contact_key=d3dc16a6757c5cad50af47f8ab6a3223680f8914173f9191b1c0223e68310bb1

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