Lean into the Pain

Thirteen Pax (and three early birds), took the DRP this morning, answered the call and got better because of it.

QIC: Squirrel & CPT D

The Pax: (Runners) FNG Boswell, FNG Legs, Bow Tie, Fragile, Flying Tomato, Chum, Coobs, Rafiki, MadBum (Ruckers) Josey & Chitwood

The Thang:

Easy Box Trot pace….although MadBum said it was a bit fast.

Cool Down:

25 of each:  LBCs, American Hammers, WWII Situps (grumbling about how the ground was wet), Heels to heaven

MOLESKINE:  Lean into the pain

A good friend of mine once said, “hard things are hard.”  No, it wasn’t Captain Obvious, but his initials are Captain D. 😉  This is the same man who has lead 50+ men to sign up for the Sandhills GrowRuck.  

For those souls of you who are taking on the GrowRuck and will be leaning into the pain – Good On Ya!   Each of you will be broken down and come out the other side stronger.  

No man likes to be broken, but given enough time on Earth we will experience a breaking in our life.  It may be physical, mental or emotional. Most people try to avoid this kind of pain. If we men choose a path of pain avoidance, it leads to increased pain—not the relief want. 

What if we look beyond the pain to the benefits on the other side of the pain?  

 For YHC it became abundantly clear this past month that I was avoiding pain.  It wasn’t until I finally, finally began to forgive someone who hurt me in the deepest way possible that I saw I needed to look beyond the pain.  What I have experienced through my losses, my breaking, my pain have each held great potential to give new life.  It wasn’t until I began to forgive and look beyond and work through the pain that I am starting to release myself from the hellish cell I created.  Forgiveness was the key to my cell.

Here’s a question for you. Could your tendency for pain avoidance be keeping you from the new life and the results (physically, spiritually AND emotionally) you want?


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