Merkin Penalties

QIC: Aruba

PAX: Captain D, Scout, Dockers, Chitwood, Colt, Rip, Fro Yo, Neo, Striker, Flying Tomato, Crazy Horse, Scrooge, Mcfly, Bullseye, Mad Bum

16 guys met this morning to get better and enjoy a beautiful morning God gave us.

We warmed up with Good mornings, Imperial Walkers, Arm circles, and we encountered the first 10 merkin penalty. Great mumble chatter followed by great merkins.

After gathering up a sandbag apiece we went out to the open field for fun. Oh wait, we had more great mumble chatter followed by great merkins…then we got our bags.

First trip down the field were in 10 (or so) yards with lunges between each stop. We move up adding an exercise at each stop. 10 overhead presses, 20 curls, 30 AH, 40 squats, and 50 calf raises (not toe raises). Then we went back down taking away at each stop to finish at 10 overhead presses.

Next round was the same concept but with bear crawls or rows as a the mode of transportation. 10 skull crushers, 20 rows, 30 mountain climbers, 40 LBC, 50 calf raises. We made it to the halfway point and gave out of time.

Throughout I think we had about 8 penalties. Oh wait, 9 penalties since Colt asked for another one.

it was great to have Bullseye back in the gloom. Hopefully we will see him more. Good luck to Little Warrior on his journey to getting his Black Belt. What a joy it was to lead such a great group of men. This was my first Q since April.. Thanks for all the encouragements while I continue to fight through a bad hip.

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