Hard Core Train-ing

Pax: Capt D, Kaffee, Fragile, Fro Yo, Flying Tomato, Hawkeye, Mad Bum, Guinness, Quatro, Colt, Aruba, Chitwood, Sprocket, Ostertag, XX


Thang: The Pax gathered in downtown SP, eagerly awaiting a train-track-directed beatdown.

Warmup: Trip up and down Broad Street, with a mix of regular mosey, high knees, butt kickers, karaoke, backwards mosey.

Circled up at the b-ball courts for: GM / arm circles, chinook squats, hillbillies, Peter Parkers and Parker Peters

Short jaunt to RR Tracks for … RR Tracks (mix of planking and hurdling) || at the first intersection – side straddle hop / burpees and control freak merkins

Partnered up for wheelbarrows as we continued down the train tracks, and then convened at the RR station for: dying cockroaches, Vaulty-flappy-arm-things (LBCs), WWII snow angels, and cliff hanger sit ups

Another short trip to Preservation Green at The Sunrise for: inchworms, seal clap merkins (led by President Sprocket) … and we were rudely interrupted by water sprinklers – likely an intentional assault launched by the yoga crew working out up above us!

Back to the tracks for a lunge-fest … and finally a return to the b-ball courts for 6MOM, where we confirmed that Fragile does, in fact, know his ABCs.

Fun was had by all; and we were led out by a thoughtful prayer, ala Chitwood.

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