Roundtable brings out the FNGs

The Pax: Neo, Goblin, Galaga, Caveman, Bilbo, Rubik, Splinter, McFly, Cannonball,  FNG- Hermione, FNG- Greenie, FNG- Lochte, FNG- One-Man-Band


Q: Neo


First we did a warm up lap.

Next we warmed up with some side straddle hops, arm circles, merkins, windmills, mountain climbers, and grass gitters.

We next broke into groups of three.  While one person ran a lap, the other 2 did stationary exercises.  These were done in 2 rounds each.

     *lap, LBCs, mountain climbers

     *lap, squats, long slow flutters

     *lap, elbow plank, shoulder taps

     *lap, alternating lunges, heels to heaven

Next we finshed off with a dance party:

   Bring Sallie UP—- squat variation

   Roxanne—– merkins and plank jacks

   Everybody knows—- with burpees

Goblin led us out in prayer.



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