One step at a time (except for the Neo and Tomato steps)

9 men showed up in the gloom and got better.

QIC: Aruba 

Pax:  Neo, Chitwood, Rafiki, Flying Tomato, Scout, Dockers, Caveman, Froyo

Warmups with a slow lap then arm circles, SSH, Good mornings, Windmills, and Imperial Walkers 

Each pax chose an exercise and we stepped up by 5 on each one but kept repeating the past ones 

With sandbags:

5 overhead press, 10 curls, 15 behind the head squats, 20 American Hammers, 25 sandbag swings (Neo, you did know you were the 25 rep guy, didn’t you?), 30 bent over rows, 35 pull throughs in plank position (tomato was determined not to be outdone by Neo), and 40 (what did you chose Dockers?  I know I wouldn’t let you repeat the sandbag swings)

As we kept going back down the steps, I had to remember my childhood knowing that I always skipped steps, so we jumped Tomato and Neo steps some.

We finished up without the bags with Chitwood led 70 LBCs in cadence, Froyo led 60 SSH in cadence, 50 merkins picked by Caveman (no, the Q wasn’t going to allow that to be in cadence) and 40 shoulder taps by Scout.

Thanks for everyone’s participation and everyone loving the penalty merkins thrown in.  Dockers led us out in prayer lifting up the Return of Rafiki (new Disney movie?) and my grandson Branson for his surgery to get tubes in ears.

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