• 7 PAX  arrived at Paynehurst for the much talked about Baseball workout.  6 Pax (including QIC) arrived on time.  
  • Warm up exercises/ Giants trivia
    • 10 Windmills for SF Giants 2010 WS champs
    • 12 Cotton Pickers for 2012 SF Giants WS champs.
    • 14 Squats for 2014 SF Giants WS champs
    • Yes folks, that is 3 WS championships in 5 years.
    • Zero bearcrawls for the number of WS championships (during 162 game seasons) for the LA Dodgers over the last 30 years.
  • Next Strike 1,,2,3
    • We paired up.
    • As one guy runs the bases…  Single, double, triple and 4 baggers.   The other guy does burpees, hand release pushups and catcher squats.  When team total of 100, 200 and 300, respectively, is reached we are done.
  • Next we did some drills
  • Between the foul lines karokee left and right.
  • Between the foul lines, sad attempt at straight leg toe touches as we walked.  Beano would not have liked this performance.
  • Finally high knees

Warm down

  • Everyone’s favorite Elvis merkins.
  • Basically, a bunch of pushups while we ponder the Evis song “If I can dream.  Ask scout about the theme of the song.  Lyrics as below.


1B Swanson

2B Capt D

3B Scout

SS Flying T

C Aruba  (Good thing he has a new hip)

CF Chitwood

LF Waldolf  (he was shouting his encouragement to us as he ran by from left field.

P  Madbum


Huckleberry and Dos XX

Thank you for letting me lead today


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