2 Big Things for Today

7 pax gathered in the gloom of the Flagship for a round of weekend betterment.

Pax: Vault, Dockers, Beano, Guinness (that’s right he was there, Big Thing #1), Scout, Roadhouse

QIC: FroYo

Warmup: 10 SSH, 10 windmills, 10 SSH, 10 good mornings, 10 SSH, 10 GOOFBALLS.

The Thang:

In honor of Chad Wilkinson, Navy Seal who tragically took his own life on 10/29/18, the workout today accomplished 1000 step ups (cumulatively). In fact, we complete approximately 1,280. Why step ups? ONE STEP AT A TIME. That’s how asking for help, getting help, engaged recovery, and any hard thing is accomplished . This was Big Thing #2 for today.

We also did some Merkins, smack downs minus the actual smacking, hand release Merkins, my favorite MERKIN BUILDER, and wind sprints where we found out that Vault had some gas in the tank (and Scout likes to run on a slant). Vault is still giving away clothes that don’t fit his new physique, Beano and Rosdbouse are both still constant and strong, and Dockers got a haircut so as to stay classy as he enters a new epoch.

Vault ended with Superman and closed out the COT with a prayer. The rumor is that Guinness will be QIC next Saturday with a revamped WHEEL OF MISFORTUNE. See you there.


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