Youth-led PFT

On a moist and warm day, 7 pax met in the gloom to improve their cardiovascular and running skills, courtesy of Jeb.

Pax: Poacher, Flying Tomato, Josey, Moneyball, Meat Sweats, Neo, Jeb

Warmup: 1 mile mosey


100m mosey, 200m sprint, 100m mosey, 30 burpees

100m mosey, 200m sprint, 100m mosey, 40 side straddle hops

100m mosey, 200m sprint, 100m mosey, 50 squats

400m mosey

1 mile yeti

Stairway to heaven

Warm-down & stretching

 Announcements: August 6 beer pouring at First Friday in Southern Pines.

Prayer: Flying Tomato led us out in prayer.

Moleskine: A subsequent event with Jeb leading as the Q, this time passing on knowledge from his recent participation and interest in X-Country with Pinecrest HS. When he saw the opportunity lead, he seized it and asked me to sign him up. Many qualities that we discuss in Q Source, to include: shared leadership, commitment, courage, sua sponte leader, schooling, apprenticeship, and accountability, among others. Proud of Jeb for volunteering, leading, training, and schooling the pax this morning. The lesson here is for all of us: be the sua sponte leader, one who is committed with courage and schools those around him. Great job Jeb!    


Me: Ben, why are your clothes all wadded up in the drawer?

Jeb: “I think there was a clothes party in my drawer.” (Age 10)

Touché! Tough to argue with that one.

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