You can’t give the Q sh*t if you don’t know his name

The PAX:  Hammerhead, Vault, Mel, Aruba, Old School, Uncle Jesse, Captain D, Baby Falls,  Flying Tomato, Scout, Guinness, Money Ball, Sprocket, Striker, Fro-Yo, and Ostertag.

QIC:  Waldorf

The Warm Up:  We started by headed the opposite direction of our normal warm up loop, and we added a block.  We needed to change it up a little.

Warm Up exercises included:

  • Arm circles x15
  • Flapjack arm circles x15
  • IC cotton pickers x15
  • IC windmills x15
  • IC imperial walkers x15
  • 10 OYO burpees

The Thang

  • Headed to the wall for 15 IC LBDs – 3 sets with 2 sets of OYO step ups mixed in
  • Traveled to the train station to do the appropriate number of American Hammers and LBCs.
  • Also did the leg lift on each side to work on the IT band.  This was about the time that everyone in Southern Pines drove by and the mumble chatter about jazzercise picked up a little.

  • Also introduced the PAX to the basketball jump 4 count Merkin (Dos could name this)
  • Shoulder tap plank
  • Other introduction included the “in and out” plank to continue to work the core
  • PAX then traveled to do an abbreviated Dora of 50 Merkins, 100 SSH, and 150 squats.
  • Then returned to the basketball court, and I called in the King of Seal Clap Merkins (AKA – Sprocket) to close out the workout.

Good work today gents.  We did about a mile and a half of running in addition to a good calorie burn.

Close out with announcements:  There is a father/daughter dance tomorrow night, and Money Ball is moving to Raleigh.

Continued prayers for Squirrels mom, Kaffee’s wife, and Square D.