11 PAX answered the call, took the DRP and Got Right because of it. 

The Pax: Fragile, Meat Sweats, Flying Tomato, Squirrel, Josey, BowTie, COOBS, Neo, Chitwood, CPT D and the amazing Witch Doctor

 Warm Up:  SSH, Windmills and stretching

The Thang:        1 mile warm up jog

Bleachers for Pelvic Drop, 10 each leg, then side leg raises. Finish by running bleachers.

1/2 mile jog at Tomato’s pace

30 Merkins

Break into two teams; sprint 200M, tag out with next man.

30 Merkins

1/2 mile jog at Fragile’s pace

Lunge walk up the bleachers

We had to get abs in so we stopped short                       

Bruce Lee – 25 each; Heels to Heaven, Freddy Mercury, Long Slow Flutter, LBCs, Dolly’s 

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Eight, maybe nine, HIM are headed to Costa Rica in six days!  We surround them with our prayers and God’s safety net.  

Tomato Led us all out in prayer.


Jerry Seinfeld is a legend to the comedic world and one of the most successful shows in history.  Jerry Seinfeld’s secret to success is four simple words “don’t break the chain“.  In F3-speak it’s taking the Daily Red Pill (DRP) and Getting Right.

The concept is simple: hang up a big wall calendar with the whole year on one page, get a red magic marker, and each day he would write jokes and then put a big ‘x’ over that day. For us, instead of writing jokes we would put an X over the day we worked out, or read the bible, or yadda-yadda-yadda, whatever your goal is.  This becomes a longer chain  and longer and longer and in which you become emotionally charged to not break. 

No…..I mentioned reading the Bible!

You don’t have to climb Everest the first time you go hiking.  The quickest and most effective way to gain momentum is through small daily wins.  Just like a bunch of singles leads to runs in baseball, a collection of small daily wins leads to big results down the road.

By committing to not breaking the chain, (Getting Right) procrastination is eliminated because you’re accelerating which ensures you’re on the playing field no matter what.  If the ugly head of procrastination rises; (a) build up and use your guardrails,  (b) your peers need to hold you accountable, (c) you’re trying to attempt too much, too fast and it’s causing overwhelm.

Consistency, coming out regularly, showing up on a schedule….just like the mail.

Keep me honest men.   Hold me accountable to keep coming out into the Gloom, getting better, doing hard stuff and accelerating.


We build better men by embracing hard things together.

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