Wrangler’s Ode to Dean Smith’s Four Corners workout

  • When: 08/09/18
  • QIC: Wrangler
  • The PAX: Flying tomato, Dimples, Capt D, Kristoph, Sparky, Voice Box, Ostertag, Uncle Jesse, Huckleberry, Guinness, Sprocket, Vault, Fro-Yo, Scout, Dockers, , Wrangler


16 PAX showed up to for another #beatdown at the Stronghold, and hopefully came away a little bit better than before.

The Thang:

Warm-up lap around the block, and then straight to the Basketball Court for COP.

COP:  Good Mornings x 15, Windmills x 15, Imperial Walkers x 16, Arm Circles x 15, Flapjack x15, Merkins x20(all in cadence)

We then moseyed over to the Tennis Courts to begin the Pax Favorite “Four Corners” Exercises.

At the Tennis Courts, we counted off in to four groups; with each corner were a different exercise, and the Pax traveled to each corner by running M’s on the courts between Corner 1-2, and Corner 3-4, and normal running on the sides from Corner 2-3, and Corner4-1.

Corner 1: Merkins

Corner 2: LBC’s

Corner 3: 4 count American Hammers

Corner 4: Squats

We started round 1 with 25 reps of each exercise, and went up by 5 reps for each round. We were able to get to 5 rounds/ 45 reps. Next time we will get to 6 round/50 reps.

Great work by all, especially Dimples and Kristoph’s  race thru the M’s.  After completion of the 5th round, we circled up and counted out. Dimples led us out with a prayer.

Moleskin: Really appreciate everyone showing up, and putting forth excellent effort.  Especially all the Pax who ran Blair Witch before the workout. You guys are all beasts, keep it up.  Please continue to keep The Ewing Family and Emma Grace in your prayers as they deal with recovery and hopefully receive the answers that they are looking for.  Prayers for the Pax who are ailing right now physically and otherwise. See Y’all next time in the gloom.