Wrangler’s Genesis Workout 8/22/2019

  • When: 08/22/19
  • QIC: Wrangler
  • The PAX: Aruba, Scout, Koobs, Waldorf, Fragile, Fro Yo, Samsonite, Tebow, Vault, The Rock, Quatro,


12 PAX showed up to for another #beatdown at the Stronghold, and hopefully came away a little bit better than before. 

The Thang:

Warm-up lap to the upper parking lot of SPUMC for COP.

COP:  Good Mornings x 15, Windmills x 15, Arm Circles x 15, Flapjack x15, Merkins x15(all in cadence)

We then hit the walls in the courtyard for the following exercises:

LBD x 15, Incline merkins x 15, Decline merkins x 10, step ups each leg x 10 (2 rounds)

We then moseyed to the back road hill for some Eleven’s consisting of squats and alternating leg lunges.  We had to abbreviate due to time.  Most Pax got 4 rounds in at least. Fragile really wanted to finish, and proceeded to get lost on the way back to the BB Courts. Several Search and Rescue Parties went out to locate our Pax member (who had a senior moment). Glad you made it back safely, Fragile.  We may need to invest in a F3 GPS Location device tracker. It would have come in handy.  The remaining pax moseyed back to BB Courts for Countorama, and a prayer led by Scout (who unfortunately missed our change of locations, and completed a self workout till we got back. Great Job, Scout.)

Moleskin: Happy Birthday F3 Sandhills. 5 years Strong. Really appreciate everyone showing up, and putting forth excellent effort. I ask for prayers for the Pax who may be traveling this time of year, and I continue to ask for prayers for my family as well. My Grandmother is still in the hospital, and is need of prayer for recovery and healing. Prayers for my Son, Hudson, as well. He is getting over a virus, and had a febrile seizure last Friday due to said virus. He is doing better. Prayers for all the 2.0 that started school recently. Prayers for all our Pax that are currently training for BRR and Colonial Relay Races.  I appreciate every one of y’all and I will See Y’all next time in the gloom.

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