Wrangler’s Birthday Extravaganza “When Wrangler brought Sally Up part Deux”


Wrangler’s Birthday Extravaganza “When Wrangler brought Sally Up part Deux”

  • When: 07/20/2018
  • QIC: Wrangler
  • The PAX: Bourne, Capt D, Aruba, Mel, FroYo, Dimples, Chitwood, Flying Tomato, Ostertag, Wrangler


10 PAX showed up for a #birthday extravaganza #beatdown at the Paynehurst, and hopefully came away a little bit better than before.

The Thang:

Warm-up lap around the park,  and then straight to the hockey rink for COP.

COP:  Good Mornings x 15; Imperial Walkers x 15; S.S.H x 15,  Arm Circles x 15; flapjack x 15; Alternating Leg Lunges x 15 (all IC)

Partner Drills at Soccer field (Partner 1 runs full length of field and back, while partner 2 performs the exercise and vice versa until total amount of exercises is completed.)

Round 1: Merkins x 200

Round 2: 4 count American Hammer’s x 100

Round 3: Squats x 200

Round 4: Burpees (Everybody’s favorite) x 80

Round 5: LBC’s x 200

We then moseyed back to the Hockey Rink for Ring of Mary exercises:

Rosalita’s x 15 OYO

Long Slow Flutter x 30 OYO

Heels to Heaven x 45 OYO

Bring Sally Up x 1 time

Superman  x 1 time

Moleskin: Really appreciate everyone showing up today. It was a great time and a lot of great work put in by everyone.  Birthday shout out to Scout and I (we share the same birthday date). Prayers for Sparky’s M (Vickie) as she prepares for her upcoming knee surgery, continued prayers for Vault’s father and the rest of the family during this time, prayers for Capt D’s sister (Paige) as she heals and proceeds to the next step in her  cancer treatment. Prayers for Dimples, as he informed us about a going away party ( hosted by Flying Tomato, thanks Tomato:). More details to follow. Prayers for any other issues or concerns as well, Lord may you help with what struggles each one of us may be facing, Amen.  Thank you men for everything, the fellowship, the accountability, the friendships. I really appreciate everyone of you, and hope you feel the same for me. Proverbs 27:17 As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.  Hope  to see you guys next time in the gloom.