It was muggy… but we still went to work for a Sprocket-led beatdown.

PAX: 15 total… but don’t ask me to remember their names 5 days later

Warm-up: Once around the block, a few arm circles, and then the thang.

The Thang: 

Tabata Timer… here we come

Part A (1 minute each):

  1. SSH
  2. Imperial Walkers
  3. Star Jumps
  4. Ski Abs
  5. Burpees!
  6. Surfer Merkins
  7. Jumping Lunges
  8. Leg Lifts
  9. Squat Jumps
  10. Freddy Mercurys  
  11. Goofballs
  12. Merkins
  13. Tuck jumps
  14. Plank
  15. Mountain Climbers
  16. Flutter Kicks
  17. High Knees
  18. Squat
  19. Reverse Lunge (Left leg)
  20. Reverse Lunge (Right leg)

1 minute rest and then repeat Part A for 30 seconds each.

After 30 minutes of (basically) non-stop tabata, we closed with a few more burpees and Mary.

The Moleskin

Good work by all. Chitwood prayed us out…Prayers of thanksgiving continue for Captain’s sister, Sparky’s wife, and Squirrel’s mother-in-law.