When Pain = Gain

PAX: Mad Bum, Vault, Striker, McFly, Captain D, Flying Tomato, Rip, Flying Wasp, Snots, Ostertag , Scout

QIC: FroYo

12 Pax gathered at the Oupost for betterment , with the promise of minimal running and no sandbags or blocks. QIC delivered.

A warmup lap around the field to the court for IC warmup exercises consisting of Arm circles , FJ, chinook squats, cotton pickers and goofballs . The final warmup exercise was a round of 10x and then 5x howling monkeys. Since all the PAX couldn’t quite keep it in the down position , we nailed a MUCHO CHESTO .

The workout ensued with the following opportunities for physical endurance producing pain with the opportunity for great gain:

  1. Motor City Shuffle (2x lunge, a singular burpee, 5x merkins, 5x plank jacks, and a frog hop) around the arc of the outfield fence , foul line to foul line.
  2. DMC (minus the run), with routine of duck walks, 10x merkins, and crawl bears back got the start. *It was here that Vault chose to enact Matthew 5:41 NLT by giving QIC his rucksack.
  3. Deep Sea Divers, derkin position with hip slappers
  4. Bearpees – a rousing combo of burpees and, that’s right, IN CADENCE BEAR CRAWLS. QIC actually loved this part , I’ve not had IC BEAR CRAWLS before, but it was a strong moment and will make a reappearance in future workouts.

Cool down with galactic standard AH, Rosie’s, dollies, long slow flutters and supines.

COT with prayers for a F3 brother / friend of Captain D with skin cancer diagnosis .

Moleskin: Sandhills PAX was glad to host the Flying Wasp from Wilmington for day 2 and to see recent FNG Snots back in the gloom for his 2nd workout . All were also pumped to see RIP back after a brief hiatus so he could grow his beard out. Also, TCLAPS to Vault and Captain D for rucking the workout and keeping up with the rest of us (pretty much, sorta kinda, nearly)

SANDHILLS GROWRUCK IS COMING , November 16 – are YOU signed up??


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