Wet n Sandy

Commitment was revealed at the tronghold this week as a mighty seven showed up in the not really that cold and not really that wet weather.

Vault, Cpt D, Poacher, Chitwood, Guiness, flying Tomato

Things got exciting during the warmup when Merkin rollovers were introduced right off the bat.  Wet and Sandy seemed to bring out the best in the pax.  Tomato had plenty to complain about and Vault kept the mumble chatter at a high level. Luck for the group poacher maintained count and focus. Then we were off for a lap with little baby dips and Carolina dry docks. A brief run to the covered train depot delivered the highlight of the morning.

BOOGIE NIGHTS!!!  Lower body work for those gathered but a window into the early courtship of Guiness and the mrs. Was revealed.

Then we were off to the stage for the 10 minute Burpee. And finished back at the courts with some Mary.



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