We Just Did Merkins

5 PAX answered the call this morning and got better because of it. 

QIC: Squirrel

The Pax: FroYo, Mad Bum, Neo and Striker.  Aruba?…..no, Aruba wasn’t there. 

Warm Up:
SSH, Cotton Pickers and Mad Bum’s favorite – Windmills

The Thang: 

Mozey around the AO and pick up the girls (Sandbags).  We started off with 20  In-cadence (IC) overhead presses, then curls with the gurls.

Dropped down for our first set of Merkins for the morning.

Testing our forearm strength which was lacking, we carried the girls around the copse of pines in the parking lot >> flapjack.

10 squats with our dates on our left shoulder >> flapjack

We worked our way over to the Bocce ball courts to find them flooded, so we used the vehicle curbs to perform the Merkin clock.  Starting with 20 regular Merkins, 20 left hand/foot on the curb, 20 decline, 20 right hand/foot on the curb, 20 incline, 20 regular Merkins.

Mozey around the AO again stopping at the wall to do:

20 IC LBD’s followed by

20 step ups

30 IC weighted LBD’s

20 step ups with the girls.  “Gosh these are much harder” ~Neo

10 Hungarian (or is it Bulgarian or Lithuanian, or Romanian….) split squats, each leg

20 Decline Merkins, “Dude, we just did Merkins” ~Mad Bum

20 Incline Merkins

20 IC LBD’s

Moved back to the main parking lot, switching every 20 steps, which hand we carried the girls back with and dropped them off. Again, grip strength was failing…

so we did some Merkins. “We just did Merkins” ~Mad Bum

Had to get a bit of Abs into the workout so we did 20 WWII sit-ups, 20 Freddy Mercuries IC, 20 LBCs IC, 20 Heel Touches, 20 Heels to Heaven, 20 Looooonnnngggg Slooooowww Fluttttter IC.

Closed it out with 20 IC Merkins

FroYo led the Pax out with another amazing prayer. Thank God for this group of faithful men!!!


Choices….we all have them, some of us make them.  You and I choose to post or not.  To be strong or weak.  But you should know that every workout I (we) miss can and will be used to make our bellies bigger, muscles smaller and weaker, and our lives shorter.

YHC, was surfing around trying to find some encouraging words and good ideas for himself and stumbled upon some that will work for all the Pax too.  Some advice from Men’s Health and folks smarter than me follows.  Funny, when we post, we do all these things!

 1. Sign up for a distant race

Can you say BRR or Peak to Creek or the New York City marathon, or……

2. Make a ‘friendly’ bet– Challenge your “nemesis” to a contest.

Get to 182 pounds or wear the belly fanny pack. Hmmm, who has done this lately?

3. Switch your training partners– Working out with a partner who holds you accountable works for a while but the more familiar you are with the partner, the easier it becomes to back out of workout plans.

We routinely find new, less forgiving, workout partners who Q and allow us to step up to the challenges laid before us!!

4. Compete– Find an event, or three, that you “enjoy“. Train to compete in them. It adds a greater meaning to each workout.

Like a Spartan race, BRR and GoRuck

5. Join a fitness message board– It’ll be full of inspiration from men who have accomplished their goals and are working toward new ones.  All in all I’d say there isn’t too much shaming that occurs.

F3 Sandhills GroupMe!!

6. Live for your wife and kids – We get 45 minutes to ourselves every day we post.

We sharpen the iron.  Once we form the habit of early to rise and showing up in the gloom ywe have more energy, more real interaction with men of faith, more laughs! Exercise guilt-free while being a role model for your children.

Hey, I get it, and no one said the choices are easy.  YHC is really good at justifying things to himself.  Like telling myself it’s okay to buy that super yummy dessert because, really, I’ve spent very little money recently AND I’ve been working out…..kinda.  You will always, always be able to find a reason not to exercise: it’s too cold outside, it’s too early, it might be raining (BTW it didn’t this morning), you don’t have the right kit… the list goes on.  Instead most of the F3 Sandhills Pax get up, get out and get to it and we are all better for it!!