Wall to Wall Fun


Pax: Vault, Sprocket, Squirrel, Breaker, Guinness, Aruba, Flying Tomato, Quatro, Colt, Baby Ruth, McFly, Sparky, Capt D, Scout, Mel, Chitwood, Von Trapp, Fro Yo, Kaffee — also visiting Pax member Pilager from Charlotte and FNG Jim Ewing … now Rooney

Thang: Circuitous mosey through dark paved streets and walkways to the “other” bball courts near the elementary school.  Circled up for: 15x Good Morning Seal Claps, 15x Imperial Squat Walkers, 40x SSH, 30x LBCs and Greek Alphabet Merkins – crowd pleaser

Over to our first WALL of the day for: 20x Step Ups, 20x LBDs, 5x Derkins

We were then off to the PartheJohn for our second WALL series: included wall sits with arm exercises, and some sort of wall patty cake that Vault recently concocted – another crowd pleaser

Moseyed to Flagship central for third WALL series on the short wall: 20x Jump Ups and a hearty round of Squirrel Run Merkins – where we carefully and thoughtfully banished Flying T to the back of the pack, so as not to allow him to launch a partially-digested rear-end assault on any unsuspecting members of the Pax

Moseyed to Sunrise Stage and partnered up for fourth WALL series: 20x Cliff Hanger Merkins, followed by 10x Wall Walk Berpees. Nearby Yoga participants leered over at us condescendingly as we executed these exercises with near-perfect form and function.

It was then back to Flagship central for Ascending Testicles followed by more wall sits, as we listened to the Sandhills Creed (as led by Vault) and … Yes … Pink Floyd’s The Wall for 4 minutes.

Finally, we circled up on our “usual” bball courts for 4 1/2 MOM – followed by Superman.

Much WALL fun was had by all.  Continued prayers for Darth Visor’s family, for Colt’s friend Linton, and for Jadon (who is recovering from a head trauma which occurred during Hurricane Flo).

First Friday beer pouring tomorrow eve.