11 PAX answered the call, took the DRP and Got Right for it. 

The Pax: Squirrel, CPT D, Mad Bum, Chitwood, Flying Tomato, Fragile, Bowtie, Meat Sweats, Witch Doctor, Josey and Zamboni 

Warm Up:  OYO before the Atomic Clock said it was time to start.


The Thang:  1 mile warm up jog

10 Merkins IC

1/2 mile jog

Bleachers for Pelvic Drop, 10 each leg.  Finish running bleachers.

1/2 mile jog

10 Merkins, IC

1/2 mile jog

Bleachers lunge walk up

1/2 mile jog                        

One legged Homer to Marge IC (10), Flapjack


Bruce Lee – 25 each; Heels to Heaven, Freddy Mercury, Long Slow Flutter, LBCs, Dolly’s

ANNOUNCEMENT:  Wednesday 0600-0700 at Southern Pines United Methodist Church – QSource begins.

MOLESKINE:  Upper Body Round Robin (UBRR)

On Saturday, 12 of the Sandhills Faithful went to Evolution Fitness to raise funds for the men going to help the men going on the Pilgrims Progress Mission trip on January 19th.  The leader for such an event?  None other than our very own BowTie.

The UBRR is a Physical Fitness Test created for and by the Special Operations Community.  The test measures upper body strength, endurance, cardio as well as core fitness.  This beatdown consisted of nine events….all of them sucked.


NO – NO – NO.  Not Uber.  UBRR!

For those of you who completed the UBRR, congratulations

He won’t say it, so I will – It takes an amazing person to make the cut and work in certain Special Operations units.  It takes a better person who doesn’t forget why they are there, to serve.  BowTie volunteered to serve  our country.  He volunteers to serve his M and shorties, and he steps up to serve those less fortunate.   He is the quiet professional; skilled, well trained, and does simple things really fast.  Above all else he leads. 

Enough about BowTie.  If I say anything else he’ll either get a big head or hurt me more than he already did.  

I’ll close with this.  For those of us who may think we are too old for F3 we’re not.  One of the toughest things to do is keep moving forward…accelerating.  Tomato says it all the time.   Lazy is the human condition.  It’s easy enough to rest on your past accomplishments and make excuses for not achieving anything now because you’re “too old” or “not 20-30-40 years old anymore”.

None of us is 20 years old anymore — and yet we keep coming out to the Gloom and by doing so we accelerate.  Let’s Get Right, Live Right, Lead Right and LEAVE Right!


We build better men by embracing hard things together.

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