Trusting Dockers….

Proverbs 3:5. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.
Q: Dockers
Pax:  The magnificent 7 – Squirrel, Kaffee, Ostertag, Chitwood, Coob, Madbum.  We also had a Colt and Bourne sighting.
So let’s start with the way we ended our prayer, “we love Ya and and trust Ya.  Amen”. 
Thanks for trusting me to lead today.  We completed 12 laps, minichesto, some laps fast, WWII sit-ups, LBC’s, two sets of bleacher steps, sprint at the end, and some bro-ga.  
That was all the easy stuff to trust.
MOLESKINE:  Trust God.  
I thought about the family today who Ostertag asked for prayers – a family whose 11
& 13 year olds died in a car accident in a car they were driving.  
Trusting God with our whole heart.  
    Um, now?  Right now?  Wow.  How?  Nowhere do I remember anyone saying that was
    going to be easy.  Especially in a devastating circumstances.  Trust Him.  It was easy
    to trust me to lead.  But trust in tragedy.  Hard work.  And it scares me.  It is work
    worth doing.  It is hard work worth doing.  That family needs everyone’s trust of God
    and love to lift them up.  Now and forever.  Now and forever.  
You know God knows us.  He knows it is work for us to trust.  And that is ok, especially when it is unimaginable.  Psalm 147:13.   He strengthens the bars of your gates and your people within you.  
I know I will never understand this kind of loss. 
Not. Ever.              Not supposed to. 
So, God is asking me to extend trust.  And I will.  But I’m removed.  Yet I’m reminded that I’ve seen so many people show me that when they trusted God in tragic loss instead of trying to understand, they did find joy, love, grace, and hope.  They. Found. All. Of. Those. Things.  All of them.  Their trust worked.  Their trust was exercised daily.  And they were loved.  
So, I’m depending on y’all as iron sharpens iron to help me love and trust Him.  All. The. Time. 

Love you F3 🐥‘s.

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