Eight Pax, took the DRP this morning, answered the call and got better because of it.

QIC: Squirrel & CPT D

The Pax: (Runners) Bow Tie, Kaffee, Fragile, Flying Tomato (Ruckers) FroYo, MadBum and Zamboni

Runners Warm Up:

Mucho Chesto & 2 miles at a Box Trot

The Thang:

4 sets, 1.5 laps around the track with .5 lap cool down

Cool Down:

2 laps around the track, LBCs, plank and Long Slow Flutter

Met up with the Ruckers and did the standard; Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, Windmills, Grass Getters (Cotton Pickers) and Broga.

Prayer Requests:  Big sigh from the Pax as we heard Bourne’s knee surgery went well.

MOLESKINE:  Transition

Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?—Isaiah 43:19

As many of you know YHC is, again, in a period of transition in my life.  I started a new job last week. Now while I took this new job, II believe God and some great F3 bubbas led me to my previous line of work (Handyman job) for a season, albeit a short one.

When the opportunity comes for you be intentional with God, with our M’s, and do not fixated on the “old” thus be paralyzed with what a change might look like.  Often it’s scary to take the leap but if we don’t we will miss the new.  

Have you ever driven your car forward while looking solely in the rear view mirror?  It’s hard to drive forward. Well I guess it’s not hard, just mash the gas, but it’s for sure dangerous.  Today I pray each of us are able to see the great work that God is unfolding in front of us.

Have you been waiting to make a change until “later when life slows down?”  Maybe it’s not a job change. Maybe it’s a way of living change, maybe it’s a outlook-on-life change.  Don’t wait until life slows down……I’ve got a hint: Life does not slow down.

I pray all of us are intentional in designing how we dance with each other through the chaos of life.  How we design ourselves to be peaceful with the play/work/wisdom symptoms before us. If we aren’t intentional we will simply get caught in the spin and our life will have lived us completely- all the way to our last breath (which could be any moment!).  We have only these breaths with which to design how we choose to live. Through all life’s transitions let’s choose to live it courageously, boldly, and in relationship with our God – our wives – our friends.


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