Too Many Irons in the Fire……

13 Pax took the Daily Red Pill (DRP) this morning and got better because of it

QIC: Squirrel
The Pax: 
Breaker, Mad Bum, Neo, Aruba, Chitwood, Flying Tomato, Fragile, Colt, Vault, Striker, Mel and Hoosier!

Warm Up:  SSH, Windmills and Cotton Pickers

The Thang:  The pax took their, almost obligatory, lap around the AO and fell in on the F3 Workout deck.

Chitwood, being an early leader and possibly to spite Aruba chose the Queen of Hearts — 25 Burpee’s.

  • 17 Derkins…….Derkins Chitwood!
  • 25   Squats
  • 14 Alternating side lunges
  • 25 4-count Monkey Hummers In Cadence (IC)
  • 25 4-count Merkins IC
  • 15 Oblique crunches each side
  • 100 Calf raises
  • 13 Wojo Squats
  • 25 4-count Mountain Climbers IC
  • 17 LBC’s
  • 19 Ranger Merkins IC
  • 25  Shoulder taps
  • Squirrel got his chance at the deck — Burpees
  • 16   Wide Arm Merkins IC
  • 25 4-count American Hammers IC
  • 14 Heels to Heaven
  • 10 Rosalita’s

Flying Tomato picked the Queen of Hearts.  He will say he was given it, but he didn’t have to turn it over!  25 more Burpee’s

  • 12   Hand-clap Merkin (aka face beater)
  • 25 Diamond Merkins (aka didn’t get enough face beatin’?)
  • 13 Chuck Norris Merkins (Knerkins)

Announcements:  It was good to have Vault back in the gloom.  And who can’t feel better when Hoosier is around, thanks for coming back!!!

1. Flying Tomato is hosting a gathering at Shadowlawn on 5 Feb at 6pm to celebrate and educate Pilgrim’s Promise.

2. F2 Event at Southern Pines Brewery, 8 February beginning at 6pm.

Prayer Requests: We continue to send prayers to Poacher and his family as they learn how to bear the loss of his father.  We also send prayers of comfort to surround Josey and his M’s family as they too lost their fathers.

We praise God for obedient hearts and all the work Flying Tomato has done with Pilgrim’s Promise.  For the vision, the effort and the unknowing he has been your faithful servant.

MOLESKINE:  Have you ever had a time where you were waiting on others to complete their action(s) before your work really begins?

The saying, “don’t have too many irons in the fire” comes straight from the Blacksmith’s shop. The smith had to find a delicate balance of having enough irons in the forge to keep him busy without putting in too many.  If there were too few irons in the fire, the blacksmith would have to wait for some to heat up and wouldn’t maintain a steady rate of work, too many and he couldn’t tend them properly from become too hot and melting.  Today we take it to mean we shouldn’t take on more than we can handle.

Now, YHC has been known to put too many irons in the fire.  Matter of fact I’ve been known to rattle them around a bit to stoke the fire and get it really going!  Often, with good intentions, we overload our schedules with more stuff than we could hope to finish in the first place.  We believe we can accomplish super-human tasks if we just…..keep…..moving.

The fire we “blacksmith’s” are stoking is our souls, the irons can be our wives, 2.0’s, friends, work.  When we put ALL the “irons” in the fire we can’t tend them well and, like metal, the relationships burn and spark and pit.  Another way of saying it is when we try to focus on all our obligations at once we don’t tend any of them well.

I hope to find the rhythm or cadence that is authentic to me so that expressions of love, true friendship can flow…..continuously.

How many irons are in your fire and how are you tending each of them?