Tomato Hosts an Outpost Halloween Party

11 Pax posted for a Flying Tomato Hosted Halloween party and got better.

Pax – Flying Tomato as a Flying Tomato, FroYo Michael Jackson, Striker the Bear, Mad Bum as Mad Bum, Bourne the Bandit, Poacher as a Poacher, Waldorf the Prisoner, Quatro the Referee, Mcfly the Pirate, YHC as a Bad Hombre and Xbox as an in shape F3 Pax member


Start at parking lot and begin run to Shadowlawn for party.  Stop on the way for 100X LBCs for YHC to catch up with Waldorf.  Mosey (at different rates) to Shadowlawn where jailbird Waldorf led Pax in 30X SSH before duck walked to back of the house.

Flying Tomato had the ladies dressed in ghostly fashion as Monster Mash (or Mush if Mad Bum is describing it) and other Halloween favorites played.  5X unlucky slots with Plyo Merkins, Curl Raises, Squat Raises and Swings with the ghostly ladies along with burpees for all.

Next were 44 pullups and 100 American Hammers before some refreshment (grapes and really green bananas) before a quick mosey back to start.



Costume award goes to Flying Tomato, FroYo Jackson and Striker the Bear.  Fro has a mean Michael Jackson moon walk.

Great work put in by all.



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