Things that Keep Us Moving Along

PAX: Vault, Moneyball, Flying Tomato, Bowtie, Uncle Jessie, Hawkeye, Chitwood, Aruba, Scout, Dos X, Mel, Mcfly, Fragile

QIC: Froyo

14 PAX burgeoned in the gloom this morning, warmer weather inviting us to the new day.

Sharing smiles all around, the PAX hit the warm up lap, followed by other warm up items:

good mornings, hillbillies, imperial walkers (it’s possible that Fragile knows the difference now), plank waiting for Moneyball at 0537, slow count merkins and SSHs.

To the wall for Froyo Oyos, 25 LBDs, 12 Bulgarian split squats, then 20-12, then 15-12.

What keeps you moving along? What makes you smile? Where is a smile born? Does Mel ever get tired of running? Questions worth pondering. Today, the following exercises (with some variation) kept us moving along. Just about the time we were getting board or wiped, it was time for the next thing:

  1. Do-ah-diddies with 3 rounds: 10 merkins, 1 LL Cool J, and 5 hand-release merkins.
  2. Morning call at the playground with merkins and pull-ups
  3. Goofback Mountain: So, it ended up being 250ish goofballs. I’ll get the hang of planning this exercise, one day.
  4. Morning call with One-legged burpees and pull-ups
  5. Captain Thor (modified, basically because of time, and Vault asks lots of questions).

COT, Mel prayed us out.

Moleskin: Ramblers in the wilderness, we can’t find what we need. We get a little restless from the searching, and we get a little worn down in between. Just like a bull chasing a matador is a man left to his own schemes. EVERYBODY needs someone beside him, shining like a lighthouse from the sea. Brother, let me be your shelter.

Words that speak to how we must reach beyond the workouts to lift one another up; those same words remind us of the One who showed his love for us and was witness to the mercy of God towards us – we remember that always, but this week in particular.


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