The World You Think You Know

Four Solid Pax, took the DRP this morning, answered the call and got better because of it.

The Pax: Bow Tie, Meat Sweats, Hammerhead and Squirrel

Warm Up:  SSH, Windmills, Hamstring stretch and 1 mile at a Box Trot 

The Thang:

100m sprint  — active recovery by jogging the curve, — then 13 Burpees

Jog the curve then 100m sprint — active recovery by jogging the next curve — 10 Burpees 


200m sprint (curve and straight away) — active recovery by jogging the curve — 10 Burpees

Jog the straightaway, then 200m sprint — active recovery by jogging the curve

Bruce Lee:  20 of each; Heels to Heaven, Hello Dolly’s, Freddie Mercury’s and Long Slow Flutter

Bleachers x2.  First round hit every step, second round every other step.

3 lap cool down

Cool Down: Hillbillies, Imperial Walkers, Plank


My M and I awoke on Christmas day to quiet.  There were no children staring over the edge of the bed with wide eyes.  There was no, “Mom, Dad come quick! Santa was here.” There was only the quiet.  

Kathryn was a bit sad about this and jokingly said, “it would be nice to have a bit of chaos on Christmas morning.”  We laughed together as if we could clap-on the chaos and, when we had enough, we could clap-off and be back to quiet. 



In today’s world we work so hard for life to be predictable, even stable.  You know, where the day is planned out, you know what’s on the agenda and you tackle with vigor what’s coming.  (Insert God’s laugh here).  


Life isn’t still.  Life is chaos. Life is movement.


If you have ever seen a chaos pendulum you know when it’s static, when there is no potential energy. It’s still.  Everything is in order. The potential is only released when it is moving; the unpredictable activity actually emboldens the dormant into action.


Chaos is only a small part of the known world, yet it influences our daily life much more than we realize. The weather shows us the power of chaos. The traffic in the cities, our professional and private lives are filled with chaos, sometimes more, sometimes less, but always present.  It is responsible for the moments of excitement in our world. Without chaos our lives would be dull and monotonous. Still.

Here’s what Merriam-Webster has to say:  

The English word chaos is borrowed from the Greek word that means “abyss.” In ancient Greece, Chaos was originally thought of as the abyss or emptiness that existed before things came into being.  Then the word chaos was used to refer to a specific abyss: the abyss of Tartarus, the underworld.  

I found it intriguing and enlightening that the word chaos actually originally meant void or chasm or abyss….at least until the 1400s.  The emptiness that exists before things come into being.  In the void is ALL the potential.  It is just waiting for another one to come so movement can begin.  Is the chaos actually nature’s wisdom? Is the chaos God’s divine hand reminding us that we cling to the mere appearance of order, when truly life is intended to be chaos?  IDK.  

As we enter into 2020 let’s ring in a bit of chaos and experience more than we can grasp.  After all, the basis of reality is not reality itself. It’s what we make of it. And as for the chaos we bring?  Well, that is reality.  

So, how will you bring movement to the stillness this coming year?  How will you unlock the potential in someone and create chaos? 


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