The Voices…..

Five Pax, took the DRP this morning, answered the call and got better because of it.

The Pax: Poacher, Jeb, Ostertag, Flying Tomato and Squirrel

Warm Up: Side stretch, SSH, Windmills, Hamstring stretch

The Thang:


‘Nuff said

Announcements: None

Prayer Requests:  We lift up Ostertag’s 2.0. We ask our Father to channel her determination into purpose. Turn her stubbornness into pliable willingness to say yes to the Lord.  Teach her to yield her steadfast spirit yet not dim it for her fierceness will change the world.

Ostertag led us out in prayer.

MOLESKINE:  This is not so much focused on leadership as an inward look, at least it was/is for me.  It’s the four voices I/we hear.  No, I’m not going crazy, I don’t routinely hear voices in my head 😉  I’m sure each of you reading this have heard these voices too.  The Secret is figuring out the right voice to listen to. It took me years to understand what I’m about to pass along.  Just because I understand it doesn’t mean I listen to the right voice all the time…but I am able to catch myself quicker!  Hold on to this, it will help you all your life.

Each of you have shown tremendous strength and courage from the time you were little up to now.  Today you’re making big decisions in life, decisions that require a keen awareness of where to focus that strength and courage.  Which voice do I listen to?  These four voices are heard several times during any/every day and some of them will be louder than others. They are powerful. They have the ability to direct our thoughts, attitudes, and actions. This means they can lead me/you toward life and goodness or loss and destruction.  When you are aware and hear these voices, you can identify them, and redirect them.  Then you can experience peace.  Which voice you listen to will be your choice.

Voice #1 — The person I That I Think I Am
We want to hold a trophy, stand on the platform, be the last man standing in the arena….or simply be praised. Some days, you’re going to think you’re a legend but only in your own mind. [Ego enters stage left] This voice is dangerous to follow. It’s our deepest arrogance, and it must be addressed before the imminent fall. Pride comes in many forms, but it ultimately plants a thought in our mind, which impacts our beliefs, attitudes, and actions. The result of this pride can be rather ugly and has made me  look pretty stupid.

We’ve all bumped into a few egocentric people in life. Their mastery at their skill, talent, or gift have allowed their mastery to master them.

Voice #2 — The Person Others Think We Are
Yep, others have wonderful plans for your life.  Parent, bosses, teachers, and friends have a way of thinking and acting to us or about us. With or without meaning to be mean or misleading, their “propaganda” doesn’t always correctly reflect who you are; it’s their perspective. Their view is right to them, whether we like it or not. We have the choice to listen to this or not.

In the periods when we are emotionally vulnerable, these people can be persuasive and leading…sometimes for great reasons. (at least to them) You are not the sum of what others think about you.  When they say bad things  remember the sing-song “sticks and stones…”  Events are neutral.  Words are neutral.  The only way they get any kind of power is if we ascribe anything to them.

The voice of people who influence us; parents, friends, and others can be loud.  Encouragement is awesome and we all need a pick me up now and again.  Just be cautious, because this leads to you living up only to what others expect of you—which could be off-course. 

Voice #3 — The Person We Think Others Think We Are
This voice is the one we hear when we lie down at night, staring at the ceiling. It speaks to us as we reflect on the happenings of the day— it’s the voice of our mind talking to our soul about what others think about us.  This voice is ALL made up!  We really don’t know what/who others think we are.  Even if they tell us we need to think, “are they being truthful?” or “do they really know me?” or many other reasons.  We live in our own skin, not others. 

Kind of like voice #2, take the praise and encouragement. Accept other people’s acknowledgement!  The world is thirsting for acknowledgement.  We need it from time to time.  And, we need to be able to hear the hard truth too when someone speaks it!  I cannot tell you how many times in my younger years, I lie in bed at night with thoughts about myself and what others thought about me. In bed, the voices of an unfeeling father, an unappreciative wife, an unsatisfied boss, an unreliable friend—and I believed that they were responsible for the voice.  They are not…matter of fact, those people may have never said or thought any such a thing as what you have conjured up.

Voice #4 — The Person Your Conscience says You Are
At some point, you are going to come face-to-face with the most challenging voice: the voice of our soul. The voice of God. The one voice that you should listen to, the one voice that is True. It’s the small voice inside each of us.  The other voices are jibberish, daily “mental traffic” in a world that is as lost and confused as we are trying to figure it out.  

Stop chasing the other voices.  Listen to the voice that lives inside your soul.  That voice is trustworthy, confident, and dependable.


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