The Uncoordinated Carpenter

Qic: Aruba

Pax: Flying Tomato, Colt, Scout, Mad Bum, Captain D

Warmups:  Good mornings, grass getters, windmills, imperial walkers, hill billies.

I promised no penalty merkins per my norm and I kept my promise.  We, instead, did penalty overhead presses with sandbags and there were plenty of penalties, too many to list.

We then pretended to be forgetful  uncoordinated carpenters going up a ladder.  You take a step up, but then go back one step.  Take two steps up, one step back and so forth.  At the top, we forgot our tools and had to go back down.  Then we went back up, back down, and up once more.

The steps:  5 pull-ups, 10 bent over rows, 15 merkins, 20 calf raises, 25 curls, 30 World War II sit-ups.

Announcements:  We need men to step up for leadership speeches at Pinecrest.  QSource is tomorrow.  Marathon on Saturday.

Prayer requests:  Guinness’s father and I apologize but I forgot the other request.

Mad Bum led us out in prayer.

Great job men.  It is always a pleasure standing in the middle leading so a great group.  

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