The Strong Men….

10 PAX took the DRP this morning, answered the call and got better because of it. 

QIC: Squirrel

The Pax: Captain D, Ostertag, Dos ‘Porsche’ Equis, Huckleberry, Snuggles, Striker, Scout, MadBum, Chitwood,

 Warm Up:
SSH, Windmills, Cotton Pickers, Arm circles and a jog to Camelot

The Thang:  Beatdown box.

Between exercises the pax did Mountain Climbers

  • 12 Hand clap Merkins
  • 14 Alternating side squats
  • 100 SSH
  • 15 Lunges
  • 15 Oblique crunches
  • 25 (not 100) Freddy Mercury’s
  • 13 High slow flutter
  • 25 Mountain climbers

Between the next set of exercises the pax did SSH

  • 100 Meter lunge walk

                  Is that less or more than 100 yards?

                  What’s the conversion?

                  It’s all science, right Striker?

  • 100 Flutter kicks
  • 14 Heels to heaven
  • 25 Plank jacks
  • 90 Sec high plank
  • Joker – Striker chose wisely…10 LBCs

Between the next set of exercises the pax did Burpees

  • 17 Monkey humpers. Arms to the inside per “The Auditor” aka Huckleberry
  • 100 meter bear crawl
  • 18 reverse lunges
  • 17 LBCs
  • 20 Incline partner Merkins.  YHC was given quite the compliment from the Captain as I planked and he used by back for Incline Merkin support and said, “Squirrel you’ve got quite the hard bum.” ….or something like that.
  • 25 American Hammers
  • 12 WWII sit ups

The pax then moseyed back to Rassie Wicker for the COT.

Lots of merriment and joy around today!  Love the sound of laughter in the pax, it warms the heart and makes for a Great start for the day.


“Now, every time I witness a strong person, I want to know: What dark did you conquer in your story? Mountains do not rise without earthquakes.”  – Katherine MacKenett

So much has hit me in just a few years.  The events that led to us moving to NC, the move itself, a new job – then quitting that job, discerning what God wanted me to do, starting a new business.  It just kept on coming.

The enemy comes to steal God’s truth, kill good intentions and destroy what God loves, without apology.

With all that darkness, I was focusing on the darkness. Re-hashing what could have been.  Wishing there was another way.  Darkness bred darkness, and my focus on the darkness stole my attention from the light!

Two things happened for YHC: (1) Kathryn and I found an amazing church, with amazing pastors, where people wanted to be in relationship with us and (2) F3 happened.  MadBum EH’d me to come to PFT, and I have kept coming back for 3 1/2 years now!  I have met so many strong men since coming F3 Sandhills.  We are blessed to have such a strong group of men.  I hope you see it, I hope you feel it.  If you don’t….you’re not posting enough. 😉

So when you’re getting beat up by life and feel like things aren’t letting up, remember, “Mountains do not rise without earthquakes.”  You will conquer this darkness, I believe it!  I haven’t met a man within the F3 Sandhills that is anything less than amazingly strong.  I feel like a broken record in saying this….if you need help reach out! We’re here.  Sometimes your strength comes through those around you too.

As you are overcoming the darkness remember that things can take time.  Even light takes a decade to travel ten light years.  😉


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